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Awarded one of the TOP 100 EDUCATIONAL WEBSITES, and one of the four best Geography sites, by EduSource.com and Looksmart in their review of over 750,000 sites. Go to our Awards Page to learn more.

For years students in classrooms across America have exchanged postcards to share information about their states and learn about other states with the help of a friendly, picture postcard.

Postcards from America takes this concept a step further by using today's exciting technologies. Using a digital camera we capture a "Live-at-the-Scene" postcard and distributed it instantaneously to our internet followers, making the postcard more timely, more accurate and more meaningful.

Through Postcards From America students not only experience the thrill of receiving a postcard from faraway place, they also have links from the postcard to additional educational resources, such as each state's Maps and Fun Facts pages and much more. For example, Postcards from America offers:


Because our Live-at-the-Scene® postcards are sent via Email teachers can reply to the postcard with any question their class may have about the featured site. We answer all Emails that pertain to the featured postcard, and, any questions not related to a specific postcard are answered on our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Postage Stamp Webpages Help Students Learn about State Symbols.

Every postcard is stamped with a custom-designed "Email Postage Stamp" featuring either the State Flag, State Tree, State Bird, State Flower or a Famous Person from the featured state. To learn more, just click on the word "Stamps" above any postcard for a full-color enlargement of the images and information about that state's symbols. The Famous Person is usually a historical figure, preferably a U.S. President, but for states that did not "send a man to the White House," the Famous Person features either another politician or significant historical figure, or an author, poet, or someone of unique character

Fun Facts Webpages Help Students Learn about a State at a Glance.

To learn more about the state, just click on the words "Fun Facts" above any postcard for details on the state stats . . . the state motto, state nickname, the area of the state, date and rank of statehood, what the state is known for, etc. .The "Historical Note" section contains a brief paragraph on some little-known facts about the state.

Maps Webpages Show The Shape and Contours of a State.

To learn more about the shape of the states and its borders, just click on the word "Map" above any postcard to view an oversized map of the state with an emblazoned outline to help students learn the interesting, jigsaw puzzle-like shape of the state.


Because these postcards are custom-designed we often take graphic elements of a site and work them into the design of the postcard. For example, when we visited Mark Twain's Gothic home in Connecticut, we were impressed with the unusual handmade brickwork so we used these bricks as a decorative border to frame the postcard and accent this unique feature. We did the same thing when we visited the Golden Lamb in Ohio, using their golden lambs as borders. Student with keen eyes and sharp minds will enjoy seeking out these small clues...


Notice the postmark cancellation on the Email postage stamp. At first, it appears to be an official U.S. Post Office indicia, but a closer look reveals that we create these postmarks ourselves, often inserting a special message to teachers who have written to us. If you would like us to send a message to your class, contact us, and tell us: 1) that you're making a "Stamp Request;" and 2) include the message you'd like us to insert for your classroom. Please limit your message to 10 words or less.


Everyone loves to get a postcard in the mail, which makes Postcards from America a wonderful way to invite parents to get involved in their child's American geography lessons at school. While your students participate at school with your guidance, their parents receive the postcard delivered to the Emailbox at home or at work, thus creating a wonderful "teaching moment" at the family dinner table.

As one mom wrote us:

My 10-year old has been getting your postcards at school. Now I'm getting them at work. I just wanted to tell you that your postcards make us touch on topics that I don't think ever would have come up before. I'm not only learning about America, I'm learning about my son. What a wonderful use of the web."
See what other parents and teachers are saying.

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