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Testimonials from visitors and subscribers

More than seventeen million have followed this trip. Most are educators, home educators, parents, and armchair travelers. Here's what they have to say:


"It's so refreshing to read information on the internet that sounds like I'm speaking to you! Your diary is informational and intellectual. Your sense of humor is droll and refreshing! . . . I teach fifth grade and what you are doing is exactly what we are studying in the classroom. I hope you keep this site running for many years to come. It provides a rich source of information for my students! I also admire you for your ambition to accomplish your dream. Through you, everyone will be able to catch a personal glimpse of each of the 50 states." --Fifth Grade teacher

"First I want to compliment you on your web page. What a great design! It is very clear, concise, easy to read and understand, and pleasant on the eyes. Second, what a great and original idea! Taking a long American road trip, having a corresponding web site, and sending images and descriptions to anyone who signs up. This should have been done long ago." --Media Director

"This is great for my 4th grade classroom---states are my entire curriculum!" --Fourth Grade Teacher

"Hi: I really enjoy the postcards. What a neat way to teach social studies. I heard about your postcards from a colleague and thought I would take a look. I'll share your e-mail address with my students. It's amazing what we can do on the net." --University Professor of Social Studies Education

"What a fabulous idea!!! I just happened across your project through an e-mail from a friend. I plan on giving this information to our teachers to use in the classroom. Thank you so much for this effort."
--Assistant Director of Technology

"This looks like a fabulous resource for our third grade's study of the United States!" --Third Grade Teacher

"I am the Lower School computer teacher and want to foster the use of good Internet resources as the students research the states. Thanks for presenting such an attractive and informative site!" --Computer Teacher

Subject: You're awesome!
"I just wanted to take a minute to tell you the children in my social studies classes are thoroughly enjoying the postcards and information you are sending us as you explore the U.S.A. They anxiously await your postcards every day...what a great contribution you are making." --Social Studies Teacher

"I just have to compliment you on your work. The postcards are incredible. When I can get them printed in color they are just awesome. What a great educational tool." --Fifth Grade Teacher

"Working with you and your husband will add depth to our students' understanding about the states. How exciting!" --Fourth Grade Teacher

"My class looks forward to receiving your postcards everyday. What a great opportunity for them to learn about the United States since many of them have never left their own city let alone state. Best Wishes on your journey!" --Fifth Grade Teacher

" I discovered you by accident when looking for resources to teach Social Studies in middle school! Wow, what a wonderful treat your site is. Thank you."
--Social Studies Teacher


". . . in addition to all of the workaday voyeurs you invited to take along, you're now also carrying a band of unusually inquisitive kids and their ever so envious parents. What fun, huh? =) --Home Educator of Four

"We are beginning homeschooling this year. Wish we could travel as you are, and learn that way, but this is the next best thing." --First -time Home Educator

Heard about you through curricula tips for home educators. GREAT IDEA...THANKS!!" --Home Educator of Three


"Thanks for taking this family along on your adventurous trip.  We all look forward to receiving Ken's extraordinary post cards.  Each one is a masterpiece.  Priscilla, we marvel at your way with words.  Each card tells a story in a few well chosen beautiful, and to the point.  We like the different colors of ink used for the messages, plus the interesting  stamps.  You two really have it all together.  We take our hats off to you ! " --Parents

"My 10-year old has been getting your postcards at school. Now I'm getting them at work. I wanted to let you know that your postcards make us touch on topics that I don't think ever would have come up before. I'm not just learning about America, I'm learning about my son. What a wonderful use of the web."--Single Mom

"I discovered you while browsing the Education World website. I am a first year fifth grade teacher. I will use this information in my Social Studies lessons. Also, I will use it at home when my children and I begin planning next summer's vacation." --Teacher/Mother

"A fellow teacher told my daughter about your idea, and I have been following you and saving your Postcards for my grandchildren. This way I can take the trip with you, seeing a part of our US without leaving my home. Thank you. "--Teacher/Parent

"My beautiful, bright granddaughter is 9 years old and studying about different cultures here in the US. I think she will love getting your postcards. I have already written to you from my work and have requested postcards from there. I hope I'm not being greedy asking for them to be sent to two addresses. Good luck." --Grandmother

"Thanks for giving me something I can talk about with my teenager."--Parent


"Thanks for bringing me along on the fantasy trip of a lifetime. I have always wanted to do what you both are doing, however I am currently stuck in the workaday world. Your postcards make give me hope of following my fantasy trip aspirations, just like you both are doing." --Manager at High-Tech Firm

"I very much want to find out more about America. My friend was over there this summer and she showed me all these cool pictures that she had taken. Everything is so big and cool! Thanks you." --Resident of Sweden

"This is something that people dream of doing, then wake up in the morning and realize they can't. Thanks for sharing it with those of use who can't." --Carpenter

"FANTASTIC ! What a great website - it will be a lot of fun to visit this site and travel right along with you. I'm looking forward to more beautiful photos and great travel tips. Wonderful idea ! Thanks." --College Student

You're doing a great job. I love looking at your beautiful postcards everyday, and I'm learning a lot about the country as well. Actually I don't think about the postcards until I see that I have mail from PostcardsFrom, then I remember how terrific they always are, and get excited, wondering what gorgeous postcards and stamps you've come up with." --Retiree

"What a great idea - thank you for thinking of it and providing some 'quality' e-mail for some of us! " --Office Worker

"I've been collecting postcards from all over the world for years--now I can start collecting electronic postcards! What an exciting adventure!! " --South African Student

"Greetings from the Philippines! Congratulations, you are doing a great job to those who cannot travel and see America." --Resident of the Phillipines

"I am studying to be on Jeopardy! and came across your sight. Am forwarding your address to others--it is great! " --Contestant

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