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What does it mean to be "Live-at-the-Scene?"

Many visitors think our e-postcards are store-bought cards that have been scanned into our computer. But they most definitely are not store-bought. Our postcards are custom-made, "Live-At-The-Scene" postcards.

Postcards From America Subscribers
"Live-at-the-Scene" postcard means that we take a digital photo of the day's sightseeing event and create a postcard of it that same day so our subscribers can see the actual site as we see it, almost as if they are standing behind us as we snap the picture.

We're out all day touring and at the end of the day we sort through hundreds of shots, choosing one that best captures the essence of the site. Then, drawing from his graphic design experience, Ken creates a dynamic postcard while I write a photo caption and a personal message.

By the way, we create the stamps and the postmarks on the cards too. Many times we insert a hidden message into the postmark either to someone who emailed us, or to commemorate a special event. If you've ever sent us an email, look closely, you may see a special message written just for you.

For more information, go to the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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