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"The benefit of sponsoring a discussion group or E-Mail newsletter is that it reaches a precisely targeted audience. Participators are not casual surfers . . . they are people who have taken action to subscribe . . . Moreover, list subscribers are more likely to respond to these advertisements because they promote a product or service directly related to the topic of the list"
--Brad Aronson, Co-author
Advertising on the Internet 

Postcards From America is even better than conventional Email newsletters, which are usually text-only documents. Rather than competing with a lengthy word document, as it would in conventional Email newsletters, your company's message is attached to a colorful postcard, dramatizing your text message.As the sponsor of this exciting pictorial, your message is sure to be noticed, read, and remembered.

What's more, the Emailed postcard reaches a highly targeted, highly motivated, and highly interested audience who eagerly anticipate the delivery of their colorful picture-postcard. As one subscribe writes:

Your postcards are great and I look forward to them every week. Its the next best thing to taking the trip with you. Thanks millions!
[Click here for more testimonials]

In addition to our subscribers, the postcards are Emailed to 8,000 classrooms for an extended reach of more than 200,000 viewers. [Audience Profile]

Email Sponsorship

SPONSOR of Emailed Postcard includes:

  • 4 line ad (230 characters) on Emailed postcard
  • One banner ad, run of the site (Banner runs through all sections except the other sponsors' pages. Sponsor can choose to be rotated through the section or to have another static page)

SPONSOR of Special Sections: Fun Facts, Map, Stamps, Travel Tips and other sections includes:

  • Name credit on Emailed postcard
  • Top placement banner ad in any single section of 50 pages, such as all the Fun Facts pages </fun/fun-wa.html>, or all the Maps, pages </map/map-wa.html>, or all the Stamps pages </stamp/stamp-wa.html>, or all the Travel Tips pages </travt/travt-wa.html>.

Additional Sponsor options:

  • Sponsor is free to use the sponsorship in any of their corporate promotional materials.
  • Sponsor has the option to create and place their own customized Sponsor Page on the site.

Email Ad Specifications

As a Sponsor of the Email you are entitled to a free-wrapping text ad , a maximum of 230 characters, at the foot of the daily postcard. Click here for details.

Email Validation

Postcard From America uses a state-of-the-art Email delivery system, to distribute the electronic postcards and to monitor the list. The database is continuously purged of dead addresses to ensure a clean, updated Email list.

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Gary Breen
Advertising Sales
WriteLine LLC
(603) 869-7457

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Payments are accepted through PayPal, or by checks or money orders sent to:

WriteLine LLC, P.O Box 777, Bethlehem NH 03574


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