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As a Sponsor of the Email you are entitled to a free-wrapping text ad, a maximum of 230 characters, at the bottom of the postcard that is Emailed to our subscribers. Choose one of the two lead-in styles below:

Style #1
Today's Postcard Is Brought to You By . . . (add your 230 character message here)

Today's Postcard Is Brought To You By . . . HAPPY RECREATIONAL VEHICLES. Discover America in the comfort and convenience of a Happy RV, your home away from home. Special discounts on RV rentals when you mention this ad. Call 800-555-1212 or visit

Style #2
(add your 230 character message here)

Got a special event coming up? No time to shop? Save time and money with Silver Shopper's unique gifts, flowers, singing telegrams, and much more. Call 800-555-1212 or visit

Suggestions to Advertisers:
Each ad should contain your URL, including "http://www" to ensure it is treated as a hyperlink by certain browsers. For the best response place the URL at the end of your text ad. We recommend also providing a phone number or email address.

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