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West Virginia State Stamps

© 1998 WriteLine. Rosebay Rhododendron
State Flower:


© 1999 WriteLine. Cardinal
State Bird:


© 1997 WriteLine. Sugar Maple
State Tree:

Sugar Maple

© 1999 WriteLine. West Virginia flag
State Flag:

The date of June 20, 1863 on the rock commemorates West Virginia becoming a state in the midst of the Civil War. Two men represent farming and mining. Two rifles with a liberty cap on top of the rifles symbolize the peoples readiness to defend their freedom. Around the shield are a wreath of Rhododendron, the state flower.

© 1999 WriteLine. Charles Elwood Yeager
Famous Person:

Charles Elwood Yeager

At the age of 24, Captain Chuck Yeager was one of the army's hottest test-pilots. On October 14, 1947 Yeager was chosen to test-fly the untried X-1 aircraft, a bullet-shaped rocket plane. It was a top-secret experiment which would pit the capabilities of a human pilot against severe aerodynamic stress of sonic flight. On that day Yeager became the first man to shatter the sound barrier. Yeager continued to make test flights and on December 12, 1953, he set a world speed record of 1650 miles per hour in and X-1A rocket plane.

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