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New Hampshire State Stamps

Copyright © 1997 WriteLine. All Rights Reserved. flower Purple Lilac
State Flower:

Purple Lilac

Purple Lilacs grow on shrubs that flower into enormous blossoms that exude an intoxicating fragrance. An old mansion in Portsmouth, New Hampshire is overflowing with these unique flowers, which had been transported, and then transplanted, from the Old World in the 18th century. Legend has it that these were the first lilacs to come to America.

Copyright © 1997 WriteLine. All Rights Reserved. Purple Finch bird
State Bird:

Purple Finch

Of all the birds flapping their wings across Earth's skies, one in seven is a Finch. The Purple Finch, known for its sweet song, is most often found in the eastern states. New Hampshire has an abundant share of this delightful bird.

Copyright © 1997 WriteLine. All Rights Reserved. White Birch tree
State Tree:

White Birch

The White Birch is sometimes called "Paper Birch," because its bark is thin as paper. In fact, the bark of this tree was once used as paper in the state's early days, as well as being used by New Hampshire's Native Americans in making their canoes.

Copyright © 1997 WriteLine. All Rights Reserved. New Hampshire state flag
State Flag:

The NH flag depicts the state seal against a deep blue background. The nine stars among the leaves of laurel represent the ninth state. The ship is called Raleigh, built in 1776 in Portsmouth for the United States Navy.

Copyright © 1997 WriteLine. All Rights Reserved. Franklin Pierce
Famous Person:

Franklin Pierce

In the election of 1852, slavery and anti-slavery sentiments were reaching the boiling point in Washington, the public needed a level-headed leader to calm the hot-heads on both sides of the issue. A Northern Democrat with many southern friends, Pierce was a perfect compromise. Possessing superior intelligence and charm the young and handsome Franklin Pierce was elected the 14th president of the United States in a landslide victory. Both Franklin Pierce and his wife, Jane, were shy people. Jane particularly hated politics and did not want to go to Washington, even if it was for the prestigious presidency. But Franklin convinced her that it would be good for their last surviving child, Benny (their first two children had died in illness). But just before the inauguration Benny was tragically killed in a train accident. Pierce attributed the incident to a sign from God telling him he had no business being president. His inauguration is marked as the first in which a president-elect refused to take the oath of office with his hand on the Bible.

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