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Nebraska State Stamps

© 1999 WriteLine. Goldenrod
State Flower:


© 1998 WriteLine. Western Meadowlark
State Bird:

Western Meadowlark

© 1999 WriteLine. Cottonwood tree
State Tree:


© 1999 WriteLine. Nebraska flag
State Flag:

Nebraska has its State seal in the center of the flag, using gold and silver accents to represent the natural wealth of the state. A blacksmith, a settler's cabin and bales of wheat are pictured within the seal, as is the transcontinental railroad, which originated from Omaha when the line was extended to the west.

© 1999 WriteLine. Gerald R. Ford
Famous Person:

Gerald R. Ford

". . .our long national nightmare is over. Our Constitution works. Our great republic is a government of laws and not of men. Here, the people rule . . ."

He was born a King but became a Ford. Born in Omaha on July 14, 1913 to Leslie and Dorothy King, Gerald Ford was first named Leslie King, Jr. after his natural father. But his parents divorced two years later, and his mother was soon remarried to Gerald R. Ford, at which time Ford was renamed after his adopted father.

Ford was the first man in American history to be appointed both Vice President and President when both previous office holders resigned in disgrace. He will forever be remembered, sometimes quite bitterly, as "the man who pardoned Nixon." It caused an uproar at the time, but the new President felt it necessary to put an end the public scab-picking and get the country moving forward again.

The press unmercifully, and quite unfairly, ridiculed the new President as clumsy and uncoordinated. Yet Ford was an exceptional football player, skier, golfer and swimmer. In fact, he was quite graceful, having worked as a model when he was a student at Yale. Ford took the jibes lightheartedly, and even poked fun at himself from time to time. His kindness, good nature and fairness made him one of the most well-liked politicians among his peers in Washington.

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