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Georgia State Stamps

© 2000 WriteLine. Cherokee Rose
State Flower:

Cherokee Rose

Through the support of the Georgia Federation of Women's Clubs, the Cherokee Rose became the official State Flower of Georgia in 1916. The petals of this hearty flower are a waxy white surrounding a large golden center. Enmeshed in a generous net of vivid green leaves and stubby thorns, the flower's name comes from the Cherokee Indians who widely distributed the plant throughout the area. The Cherokee Rose blooms in early spring and sometimes, if the conditions are right, will bloom again in fall.

© 2000 WriteLine. Brown Thrasher
State Bird:

Brown Thrasher

On April 6,1935, the governor of Georgia proclaimed the Brown Thrasher as the State Bird. In 1970, at the request of the state garden clubs, the state legislature confirmed the choice, enacting legislature that made the Brown Thrasher the official State Bird. The Brown Thrasher has a white breast streaked in brown, white wing bars, and a rich brown color on top. It's almost a foot long, from tip to tail, with a long, curved bill and very long tail. The Brown Thrasher migrates North in the summer and spends winters in the Southern states.

© 2000 WriteLine. Live Oak
State Tree:

Live Oak

In 1937, at the request of the Edmund Burke Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Live Oak was adopted as the official State Tree. It flourishes along the coastal plains and on the islands where the first Georgia settlers made their homes.

© 2000 WriteLine. Georgia flag
State Flag:

The Confederate cross shares the space on this flag with a side band of blue honoring the State seal. The State seal shows an arch, which represents the Constitution, supported by the three pillars of government: legislative, executive and judicial. And of course, 1776 is date of the birth of the country.

© 2000 WriteLine. Jimmy Carter
Famous Person:

Jimmy Carter

A peanut farmer from Plains, Jimmy Carter was a simple man from a small town with a winning smile and a wish to serve. He had such an unassuming nature that when he told his mother he was going to run for president she asked, "President of what?" Although Governor of Georgia from 1971-1974, on a national scale, he was an unknown. A no-name. A real outsider. "Jimmy who?" was the common question in the campaign of 1976. Carter got the opportunity to show the nation who he was and what he was made of through the nationally televised presidential debates. Millions watched him at the podium handling every question with confidence and grace. Incumbent President Gerald Ford was no match for Carter who stayed focused and factual. He won the election and became the first president from the Deep South since before the Civil War. After leaving office President Carter continued his commitment to serve humanity with his work in 'Habitat for Humanity" a nonprofit group that helps the poor build their own homes, one of the most basic of American Dreams.

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