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California State Stamps

© 1999 WriteLine. Poppy
State Flower:

Golden Poppy

© 1999 WriteLine. Valley Quail
State Bird:

California Quail

© 1999 WriteLine. Redwood
State Tree:

California Redwood

© 1999 WriteLine. California flag
State Flag:

This is called the Bear Flag, from the 1846 Bear Flag War (See Fun Facts). The Grizzly symbolizes courage. Since many of the settlers came from Texas, the red star may have come from the "Lone Star" on the flag of the Republic of Texas.

© 1999 WriteLine. Ronald Reagan
Famous Person:

Ronald W. Reagan

"We have every right to dream heroic dreams."

As an actor and leading man in 50 Hollywood films, Ronald Reagan was intimately familiar with the role of hero. His acting career also introduced him to the role of president, having served six terms as president of the Screen Actor's Guild and two terms as president of the Motion Picture Industry Council. His first taste of politics came in 1947 when, as president of the Screen Actor's Guild, he testified before Senator McCarthy at the House Un-American Activities Committee's investigation of communists within the film industry. Reagan's next introduction to politics came in 1964 when he delivered a televised speech supporting presidential hopeful Barry Goldwater, which won him the admiration of the GOP. Two years later, Reagan was elected governor of California. In the presidential election of 1980, both Governor Reagan and President Jimmy Carter used friendly, informal, "fireside chat" types of speeches. But where Carter spoke of America's sins, "too many of us worship self-indulgence and consumption," Reagan boasted that America was "poised for greatness." Carter said selfishness would destroy America. Reagan said it would rebuild America. Carter thought it a wrong that needed correcting. Reagan believed it a right that needed empowering. According to Reagan, if Americans could pursue self-interest, unencumbered by government regulations, America could be great once again. Against the dark cloud of the American hostage situation hovering over Carter's last year in office, Reagan promised not only a rainbow, but a pot of gold. He won by landslide in the greatest electoral margin in 44 years.

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