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Arizona State Stamps

© 1999 WriteLine. Saquaro Cactus
State Flower:

Saguaro Cactus

© 1999 WriteLine. Cactus Wren
State Bird:

Cactus Wren

© 1999 WriteLine. Paloverde tree
State Tree:

Palo Verde

© 1999 WriteLine. Arizona flag
State Flag:

The thirteen rays represent the first thirteen states. The red and gold colors symbolize the setting sun on the desert, as well as the state's Spanish heritage. The dark blue background represents the United States and the copper star in the center stands for Arizona's copper mines.

© 1999 WriteLine. Wyatt Earp
Famous Person:

Wyatt Earp

A gun-happy bully or a great American lawman? No one can say for sure. But either way, Wyatt Earp is remembered as one of the great figures of the Wild West. Although born in Illinois, Earp is long associated with Tombstone, Arizona. In 1877 gold, silver and copper were discovered in Tombstone, and with the promise of instant wealth came the influx of grabby hands. Almost overnight, Tombstone had become a bustling town. Wyatt Earp arrived at the height of this bonanza and became a gambler at the Oriental Saloon. His brother, Virgil, was the Marshall. In 1881 a feud developed between the Earps and the Clanton gang, resulting in the celebrated gunfight at the OK Corral. Wyatt Earp, his brothers Morgan and Virgil and the legendary Doc Holliday took on the Clanton gang in a bloody shooting match. Earp survived this shoot-out and many more afterwards before settling down in California where he earned his money in gambling, mining, and real-estate.

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