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All about Indiana

Historical Note:

Invitation for free land brings freeloaders . . .

Back in 1825 Robert Owen, a Scottish industrialist and social reformer, bought 20,000 acres of land on the Wabash River in Indiana to establish a community called "New Harmony." Paying $125,000 out of his own pocket, he hoped to share the wealth and establish a community where all people would be invited to come and live -- free of charge. The only requirement was to share the work equally. His dream turned into a nightmare, however, when his offer attracted about 1,000 settlers who wanted the land, but not the labor. They ate his food, argued over government, and were unable to perform even the most menial tasks. New Harmony disbanded two years later and Owen went back to Britain. The site was later turned into a pre-Civil War Cultural Center.

Trivia Questions:
1. Why are owls considered wise?

2. The largest ice cream maker in the world is in:
a) Indiana
b) Vermont
c) Wisconsin

3. In the past 30 years, Indiana's milk cow population has shrunk 50 percent. It now has:
a) 500,000
b) 272,000
c) 138,000

4. The average milk cow produces:
a) Two to four quarts of milk a day
b) Six to ten gallons of milk a day
c) One to two cups of milk a day

(Answers at bottom of this page)

Name Origin: Latin. ("Land of Indians")

Capital: Indianapolis

Population: 5,752,000

Area: 36,185 square miles

Statehood: December 11, 1816 (19th)

Nickname: The Hoosier State

Motto: "Crossroads of America"

Famous For: Farmlands, Cornfields, Wildflowers, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, Indianapolis 500

Answers to Trivia Questions:
1. Owls got a reputation for being wise because their large eyes and stern, professorial glare make them look educated. Often, their eyes are "framed" as if they're wearing eyeglasses, which many associate with studious work. And their large, feathery heads seem to have plenty of room for big brains. But are owls wise? Well, they're smart enough to live close to people year round without being seen, captured or killed. That's smart.

2. The largest ice cream maker in the world is in:
a) Indiana. Edy's Grand Ice Cream, located in Fort Wayne, is the largest ice cream manufacturer in the world.

3. In the past 30 years, Indiana's milk cow population has shrunk 50 percent. It now has:
c) 138,000 milk cows.

4. The average milk cow produces:
b) Six to ten gallons of milk a day. (An average cow produces 6-10 gallons of milk per day for about 300 days. She is then dry for about 60 days.)

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