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Take the PoGeo® challenge and become a Wizzy Wiz (a What State Is It wiz).

PoGeo, a wired fox terrier and inveterate dog-adventurer, trots across America sniffing out tidbits about each state and tosses them to you as a challenge about the state of the week.

Become a Wizzy Wiz by signing up to receive PoGeo’s weekly email challenge in the form of a cryptic clue, a puzzling riddle, an anagram, or a limerick about a jigsaw piece of a state’s history, famous person, culture or landscape. (See a sample.)

Guess the state and get the answer in your inbox the following week with the new state challenge, or if you want an immediate answer just click on the answer link in the email.

If you find that PoGeo has made a mistake, send an email to challenge him. If you’re right. PoGeo will send you an “aPAWlogy.”

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