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What state is it?

Answer: Pennsylvania

The area in and around Hershey, Pennsylvania--where Hershey bars, Mars bars, Mallow Cups and other chocolates are made--is the sweet center of America's chocolate industry. But Pittsburg, where native son H.J. Heinz perfected and promoted ketchup in 1876, is tops for food topping. Many cities claim a certain food, but Philadelphia claims three: the Italian hoagie, the cheese steak, and the German soft pretzel. The city also provides food for thought: the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were both penned in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, named the "City of Brotherly Love" by founder William Penn. Contrary to popular opinion, however, Philadelphia is NOT the state capital. That honor goes Harrisburg, northwest of the city where the Liberty Bell rang, clanged and cracked--twice. Once, when it was first cast and repaired in 1752 and again--somewhere between 1817 and 1846--it cracked and stayed cracked for legacy and legends. No one can say for sure when the second cracked occurred, but legend has it happening first in 1825 when Lafayette visited, then in 1832 on George Washington's birthday, and in 1835 when tolling the death of Chief Justice Marshall. No documentation as yet supports any of these claims.

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