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What state is it?

Answer: Missouri

Missouri's shimmering silver 63-story Gateway Arch is not only the tallest monument in America, it's the first and only steel monument of its kind. The Arch, commemorating America's westward expansion, is located in St. Louis, the most popular launch point for westward expeditions, situated below the convergence the longest and second longest rivers in the United States. North of St. Louis in the old town of St.Charles, America's longest river, the Missouri (2,565 miles, meets the Mississippi, the second longest (2,350 miles—but the biggest by volume). The state was carved from the Louisiana Purchase sold to America on Easter Sunday1803. America had asked the French emperor for New Orleans, but after leaving Easter Mass, Napoleon said to his minister, "They only ask of me one town in Louisiana, but I consider the entire colony as lost." Napoleon's surprise decision increased America's land by 25 percent. Missouri entered the Union on August 10, 1821 as a slave state, under the Missouri Compromise that countered Maine's entering the Union as a free state a year earlier, thus keeping the number of slave and free states equal, and the national temper steady for a few more years.

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