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What state is it?

Answer: West Virginia

West Virginia has two panhandles: the Northern Panhandle, a skinny strip of land reaching in between Ohio and Pennsylvania, and the fatter Eastern Panhandle that stretches into Maryland. The state's unofficial nickname is the Panhandle State, but it's official nickname is the Mountain State. Virtually all of West Virginia is mountainous—with 40 peaks over 4,000 feet. It is the only U.S. state entirely within the Appalachian Mountain range.

West Virginia's New River is the oldest river in the country and the second oldest river in the world (after the Nile). So how did this old river get the name "New"? Well, early 17th century explorers marked it on their map as a new river because they'd never seen it before. People who saw their map assumed "new" was the name of the river and it stuck.

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