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January 24th, 2012
Discover America Through Postcards

9th Annual -- Second week's Finalist.

Collins Avenue, Miami Beach FL

     In the 1880s when Miami was a thickly tangled, mosquito-infested swamp, Jim Collins, a New Jersey Quaker developed a road that followed the ocean. His dream was to create a land of coconut farms. Instead, great estates, mansions and hotels took root. Today, Collins Avenue, the main artery of Miami Beach, is adorned with Art Deco architecture.

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Too Late?

     NOT YET! You still have time to submit your photos of any place in the Americas. Photos should inspire a viewer to learn more about, or travel to, that place. See the official rules and entry form. Fill out the form and submit your entries to

     Four more finalists will be selected out of which you choose the winner. All finalist receive the companion book, Discover America Diaries, and the big winner also receives $100. We look forward to seeing your best shots.

     -- Priscilla & Ken
     the "Postcard People"

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