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Did you know...

     ...Cape Cod was not the original name? What was it?

The Answer is:

(b) Shoal Hope

     In 1602 an English expedition set sail from Falmouth, England to explore the North American coast between what is now Maine and Virginia, seeking places to establish colonies. A page from the captain's logbook reads, "On the fifteenth day we had again sight of the land . . . we called it Shoal Hope. Near this cape . . . we took great store of codfish, for which we altered the name, and called it Cape Cod."

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Learn About... Long Beach on Cape Cod

     Long Beach is an extension of the more popular Craigsville Beach located in Centerville on Cape Cod, Massachusetts in the section called "Mid-Cape." The Cape is essentially divided into three sections: Upper Cape, connected to the mainland, is home to the world-famous Woods Hole. Mid-Cape, the more commercialized area, features the warm-water beaches along Nantucket Sound. And Lower Cape has unique culture of Provincetown and the Cape Cod National Seashore, 40 miles of pristine beaches on the eastern edge of the Cape facing the Atlantic. On August 7th this year, Cape Cod National Seashore celebrates its 50th anniversary. Several events are planned to commemorate the park's 50th anniversary.

Explore for more?

Search Cape Cod National Seashore 50th celebration events

Learn About... Nantucket Sound

     Nantucket Sound is triangular area of water on the Atlantic Ocean, about 25 miles wide and 30 miles long. To the north lies Cape Cod, to the south, Nantucket, with Martha's Vineyard on the west. Here, the cold northern waters of the Labrador currents meet the warm southern waters of the Gulf Stream, creating a unique coastal habitat that attracts a wide range of species.


     Some mariners and boat enthusiasts insist that Nantucket Sound is one of the most dangerous waters on the New England coast because of its hidden shoals, fickle fog and unpredictable winds that can change suddenly, both in direction and velocity. That wind is about to become an asset instead of a threat as America's first-ever offshore wind farm begins operating on Nantucket Sound.


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