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Excerpts of Rhode Island Travel Diary
State 5 - RHODE ISLAND 10 NOV 97 - 14 NOV 97



Ken has a pet peeve: it is when an OPEN sign is posted on a storefront or restaurant, but the door is closed and locked; or when the hours posted insist the place is open, but isn't. "Why buy the sign or post the hours at all," he notes, "when it only serves to confuse customers?"

So I thought he'd be glad when we came upon the definitive sign at the Green Topiary in Bristol which read, "CLOSED MEANS CLOSED."

But even that sign was misleading because the entrance gate was open. Based on past experience we figure that the door dictates. If a sign says OPEN but the door is locked, the place is not open, regardless of the sign. Conversely, if a sign says CLOSED, even if it says "CLOSED MEANS CLOSED" but the gate is open, well then, the place must be open. Right?

Wrong. We walk in and take a look around, but get nabbed by the groundskeeper who ushers us out and closes the gate behind us.

File this under: "Can't win."

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